TETA Skills Programmes

SETA Qualification Credicts Enrollment
TETA Office Administration 8015, NQF L2, Cr4 Apply Now!
Business Plan Writing 117421, NQF L4, Cr5 Apply Now!
SMME Course 117244, NQF L4, Cr3 Apply Now!
Convey Dangerous Goods by Road 123259, NQF L3, Cr4 Apply Now!
Load general freight 123262, NQF L2, Cr6 Apply Now!
HIV and AIDS in the Workplace 13915, NQF L3, Cr4 Apply Now!
OHS Inspection in the Workplace 259619, NQF L2, Cr3 Apply Now!
Manage Business Finance 117500, NQF L4, Cr8 Apply Now!
Time Management 117171, NQF L3, Cr2 Apply Now!
Customer Services 123258, NQF L3, Cr10 Apply Now!
Control Hazardous Substances 115093, NQF L3, Cr4 Apply Now!
Combo: OHS Inspections plus HIV and AIDs in the Workplace NQF L2 & 3, Cr7 Apply Now!
Combo: OHS (3 Unit Standard) 8016, 113852, 259619, NQF L2 & 3, Cr21 Apply Now!
Combo: (3 Unit Standard) NQF L2 & 3, Cr21 Apply Now!