Develop Learning Programmes


This course is accredited by the ETDP Seta and material covers unit standards 123394 at NQF level 5 worth 10 credits. Duration: 3 days


Developing learning programmes is an essential skill for outcomes-based assessors and educators. This course provides the framework for developiing programmes right from the inception of learning outcomes through to the creation and evaluation of the learning programme. A crucial part of programme development is designing programmes according to defined learning needs by analysing and designing programmes accordingly. This course focuses on developing programmes tailor-made to accommodate different learning needs. 


Upon completion of this course you will be able to define the key concepts associated with skills development and you will be able to:

  • Conduct the analysis for learning design
  • Draft learning outcomes and determine content for the programme
  • Draft a brief for the development of the learning programme
  • Develop the learning materials
  • Develop the learning facilitation guidelines
  • Pilot and evaluate the development
  • Collect, analyse and interpret the evaluation data
  • Compile an evaluation report


  • Introduction to OBE-learning Material Design
  • Plan and prepare for Programme Development
  • Develop Learning Material
  • Develop the Facilitator Guide
  • Pilot the Programme and Evaluate the Material


Module 1: Introduction to OBE-learning Material Design 

The principles and mechanisms of the NQF and SAQA 

Underpinning systems and principles of OBE programmes. 

Outcomes-based education, training and development. 

Principles of good assessment

Module 2: Plan and prepare for Programme Development 

Introduction to the “design down” and “deliver up” approach. 

The programme design brief – What and How? 

The training needs analysis and its role in the programme design brief. 

Drafting a formal development plan.

Module 3: Develop Learning Material 

Understanding “Qualifications”, “Unit Standards” and “Outcomes”. 

Unpacking the unit standard for design and development purpose. 

Task analysis and researching the content. 

Developing learning activities. 

Learning materials and manageability. 

Best practice during content development.  

Module 4: Develop the Facilitator Guide 

Information included in the Facilitator Guide. 

Identifying learning outcomes and summative assessment arrangements. 

Insights into learning design, learning activities and methodologies.

Module 5: Pilot the Programme and Evaluate the Material 

Who to target for the pilot phase. 

Seek feedback and remain objective. 

Ensure feedback that is consistent, systematic and constructive.

The role of the accredited provider’s quality management system in the piloting and evaluation phase of the learning programme.


Total fees: R3400 per learner

Fee covers the following items:

  • Learning material
  • Learner Portfolios
  • Facilitation and Assessment.
  • ETDP SETA Statement of Results
  • Certification


  • Assessors
  • Learning Programme Developers
  • Facilitators
  • Educators.