Design Assessments


This course is accredited by the ETDP Seta and covers unit standards 115755 at NQF level 6 worth 15 credits. Duration: 3 days


This course is aimed at people who wish to design and develop assessments to facilitate consistent, credible, reliable, fair, and unbiased assessments of learning outcomes. The outcomes may be defined in a range of documents including but not limited to unit standards, exit level outcomes, assessment standards, curriculum statements and qualifications. This is a generic assessment unit standard, and candidates can design and develop assessments within any field of learning in line with their subject matter expertise. 


Upon completion of this course you will be able to define the key concepts associated with skills development and you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of design principles of outcomes-based assessment
  • Design outcomes-based assessments. 
  • Develop assessment activities. 
  • Develop assessment guides. 
  • Evaluate assessment designs and guides


  • Design principles
  • Outcomes Based assessments (OBE)
  • Development of assessments
  • Assessment design
  • Assessments guides 


Module 1: Demonstrate understanding of design principles of outcomes-based assessment.

Compare outcomes-based design with other forms of design

Identify the key differences between designs for RPL assessment vs programme-based Assessment. Describe different assessment methods application in different contexts.

Module 2: Design outcomes-based assessments.

Understand the context in terms of special needs, cost-effectiveness and the overall

Assessment plan. Understand that the assessment design must ensure the collection of valid and sufficient evidence and identify potential unfair barriers to achievement by candidates.

Module 3: Develop assessment activities

Activities to facilitate the production of valid, sufficient, authentic and current evidence

Promote integrated assessment

Module 4: Develop assessment guides

Guides to contain all the details needed by the assessor and provides clear details of the assessment activities. The guide to include appropriate support material, including observation sheets, checklists and memoranda as applicable.

Module 5: Evaluate assessment design and guides

Evaluation results are described in terms of good principles of assessment.

Evaluations are carried out in line with quality assurance requirements.


Total fees: R3400 per learner

Fee covers the following items:

  • Learning material
  • Learner Portfolios
  • Facilitation and Assessment.
  • ETDP SETA Statement of Results
  • Certification


  • Assessors
  • Learning Programme Developers
  • Facilitators
  • Educators.