Crop Production Training


This is a non-credit bearing course under AGRI SETA. Duration: 4 days


Some industries may come and go but crop production is one that has always been with us since the start of civilisation. It is, however, a changing industry. The world’s population increase shows no sign of slowing so new crops which take up less room and which produce better yields are needed. Global warming affects the types of crops which can be grown in different regions. Crop production today requires a level of sophistication beyond what has previously been the case. It offers opportunities beyond comprehension, but to optimise a business or career in producing crops you need to have knowledge, awareness and drive to succeed not only in growing plants, but also in business management practices, science and technology. Successful technologists and growers in this industry don’t achieve success through qualifications alone, but they have a level of knowledge and awareness about growing commercial crops that would often leave the university graduates reeling. This course aims to set you on the path to this sort of success with growing crops.


Upon completion one would be able to:

  • Grow crops for commercial production
  • Describe the climate and soil requirements needed for raising good quality  crops
  • Identify seed, plant characteristics, important pests of the major crops
  • Define specific growth processes of each crop studied that leads to a harvestable product
  • Analyze and interpret data through greenhouse and lab experimentations


Module 1: Crop Planning & Land Preparation 

  • Introduction to Crop production
  • Crops for commercial production
  • Crop climatic conditions
  • Plant characteristics

Module 2: Crop Establishment & Management

  • Crop growth processes
  • Organic production
  • Fertilization
  • Irrigation
  • Cover cropping
  • Crop rotation

Module 3: Financial Management & Business Plan Development

  • Season extension strategies
  • Pest and disease management

Module 4: Harvesting & Crop Evaluation

  • Harvesting and grading
  • Postharvest handling/management and marketing

Course involves visits to crop production sites to observe/experience and learn from growers and entrepreneurs in the field of vegetable production


Total fees: R600 per learner

Fee covers the following items:

• Learning material

• Learner Portfolios

• Facilitation and Assessment.

• Certification


Farmers or farm workers, farming with tunnels.