Why choose us?


To be the world-class leader in education, training and development.


To provide quality education, training and development in accordance the prescribed criteria of the South African skills development strategy.


The organization supports and promotes all professional business ethics that reflects:

• Honesty, ethical free-market business principles

• Fair, open and democratic communication principles.


  • To provide qualifications to enable learners to gain employment, to retrain for new career fields or to upgrade current career skills.  
  •  To provide qualifications and programmes to serve the life long educational needs of the community.    
  •   To provide to learners a range of Organisational resources, research facilities and programmes that complement and add to traditional classroom education.
  • To provide a range of academic support services to learners, and specialized support for learners with English as a second language.  
  •  To form strategic alliance and co-operation between Public Organisations and industry.
  • To improve and sustain the good image of the Organisation by retaining requisite skills and competencies.Enhancing the integrity of the Organisation by improving internal management systems and procedures.
  • To improve our internal and external customer service and be known as an organisation that is pro-active as well as responsive in aligning IT resources with the needs of the organisation.